We Have The Technology

Our Hardware

The hardware that makes up the actual servers is an indication of the horsepower of the server, and what kind of intensive tasks the server can handle. Each server is constructed using only the highest quality components available. In addition, we have spare components and ready to run servers in-house as back-up for any unexpected system failures.

Because today's technology is evolving so quickly, we did not post our server specifications here. For more information regarding our server specs, please email us at support@mediahostingworks.com.

Our Network

For our multiple internal networks we use Cisco hubs and routers, which are the best you can get. Our internal networks are all running at 100mbps and use Intelligent Switched Data Packet technology. The purpose of multiple internal networks is that we have control over each network's load balance, have built-in multiple network redundancy in case of a hub failure, and control over the data packet routing.

All of this is balanced and routed to the Internet through Cisco 7500 routers, which have set the industry standard in high speed routing.

The Internet

The network/internet connection is the most important part of providing a fast and reliable connection to the rest of the world. We connect to backbones covering the entire US via providers like UUNet and Sprint - multiple lines with major networks like these greatly increases response time for you and your users because viewers' requests are sent along the most expedient path to your streaming media.